Family Disputes? Family Law Mediation Can Help

Talk to a family law mediator in South Bend, IN

Wandling & Associates offers family law mediation services in South Bend, Indiana. We're backed by over 20 years of family law experience, and we can help you resolve your family dispute fairly. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney in South Bend, IN.

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3 benefits of mediation

Many divorce cases are settled in court. But going to court is expensive, and court battles can last for a long time. With mediation, you can:

  1. Save time by resolving your issues outside of court
  2. Save money on court costs
  3. Save yourself from a messy divorce battle

Make an appointment with Wandling & Associates. Our mediator will meet with you and your spouse to discuss your situation. This process can be therapeutic for both parties—you’ll be able to express your feelings and concerns with the guidance of an objective mediator. Call now to speak with a divorce attorney in South Bend, IN.