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Resolving family issues can be tough, especially if there are children involved. You want to get everything settled without disrupting your child's life. If you're caught in a parenting or custody dispute, work with a parent coordinator. Contact Wandling & Associates in South Bend, IN today. With decades of family law experience, we can help you reach a fair conclusion.

Parenting Coordinator South Bend IN

What is parental coordination?

Parent coordination is a tool used by mediators, or parenting coordinators, to resolve family conflict. A qualified coordinator will meet with you and your family regularly to observe your interactions and prompt discussions. Then, the parenting coordinator will report back to the attorney or judge overseeing your family law case.

Call Wandling & Associates today to find out more about our family law services in South Bend, IN. Our experienced family law attorney also acts as a parenting coordinator. We'll help you resolve any type of family conflict to the best of our abilities.